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about us

Owned by Media Two, the m2news newsletter system is a comprehensive direct marketing tool that compliments your website and allows you to easily market your company and new products to your existing clients. We never stop improving the system, and invite your suggestions of additions and improvements. We're perfectionists!

We are dedicated to enhancing our clients' ability to promote their business through web-based marketing and websites. We've been in the web business since 1999 and in that time have learnt that clients like things to be simple. Simple to use, simple to maintain. We understand this is important, because clients have enough to worry about with other aspects of their business.

So quite simply, we bring our experience, technology and design abilities to our products, to meet our clients' needs in as simple a way as possible, so they can get on with their business.

about media two

Media Two is a Brisbane Australia based web development and graphic design business. Our aim is to enhance the image of businesses locally and globally while focusing on complete client satisfaction.

Media Two prides itself on innovative web solutions, fast delivery of product and our ability to adapt to changing markets.

Media Two's technological expertise and delivery is built on a solid foundation of graphic design. They believe design to be a crucial component of any successful web initiative as it reinforces your brand message and encourages customer interaction through simplicity and ease of use, which in turn develops client loyalty.

Not only does M2 deliver well, but quickly. From concept to launch, the entire process can be completed in weeks rather than months (and in some cases, days), allowing you to start taking advantage of your site much sooner.

Media Two adhere closely to the web standards as stipulated by and endeavour to have sites validate at