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m2news FAQs


Is there a monthly fee if I don't use the system to send emails?

No. If you don't send emails with it, then we won't charge you.

Is it easy to use? I'm not good with design and I don't know any html at all!

Yes, we have made it virtually foolproof. The system helps you create, save, and edit your newsletters. It is impossible to accidently send a newsletter out (before it is finished) and the system keeps track of which ones you have sent and which ones you are working on. The editing interface uses the same kind of buttons that you would find in Microsoft Word, so using it is a breeze.

Can I upload my own images and PDFs?

Yes, you can upload as many images or PDFs as you like to put into your newsletter.

Will images show in my newsletters by default?

This depends on the program used by the recipient. We have created a page here which lists the email programs and how they handle images by default.

Can I upload an existing list of subscribers?

Yes, the system allows you to upload a .csv file. A .csv file is a file containing Comma Separated Values. Outlook and Windows address book both export to this format, and Microsoft Excel can save in this format.

Can I have a subscribe form in my site?

Yes. You can even have specific subscribe forms for different groups in multiple sites if you like.

Can I use my own template design?

Yes. You can either send your design files through to us (please see our guidelines for designing your own template), and we'll set it up as a template for you; or if you're comfortable with HTML, you can start with a blank template and paste in your own template code.

What happens to emails that get sent to dead addresses?

It intercepts the bounced emails and puts those recipients into a separate area where they await your attention. From there you can either delete them or change their email address.

What kind of reporting can I see?

Bounces, open rates, links clicked, who forwarded, unsubscribes, and more.

Is there really no monthly fee?

Correct — you only pay if you send emails.

How do I cancel my account?

- You don't need to. If it is a trial and you don't login for more than 3 months, your account will be removed automatically. Remember, you won't be charged for having an account if you don't ever use it.
- If you have a full access account, and you don't update your credit card details in your account after it expires, then your account will be removed 4 months later after sending you a warning email.