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m2news is Australian made and owned

m2news features

Our current list of features grows over time, as members suggest what they would like to be able to do:


  • Maintain different groups of subscribers
  • Clean subscriber groups of duplicates
  • Track who read email and who 'read more'
  • Show a subscription form on your facebook page
  • Track who forwarded to whom
  • Bounced emails management
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe from own site
  • Upload .csv list of subscribers
  • Download .csv list of subscribers
  • Download .csv list of bounces
  • Manage subscribers
  • Spam Compliant
  • See spam score for each newsletter before sending
  • Set welcome newsletters for new subscribers
  • Automate latest newsletter to be sent to new subscribers
  • Schedule sendouts (set and forget)


  • Online Help Forum
  • Phone Support






Your data is secured using the best industry security standards:



*Our newsletter system can track forwards that are sent by using the normal forward button in people's email program. We think it's obvious that if people are going to forward your newsletter to a friend, then they will do it the normal way, which allows them to select their contact from their address book, rather than having to type out email addresses in a form at the end of your newsletter or on a web page.